There was a huge blackout that lasted 2 hours around midnight yesterday. And what a night it was. The blackout was most likely due to damage done by the mini-typhoon that invaded Magill, and when it happened, J. just started shouting and running around the house, saying it has never happened before in the 2 years he lived here! He was SO worried looking up at the eerily bright full moon and the howling wind I tell you, he asked all of us to start praying (what with the earthquake in Chile and waves affecting Northern parts of Australia). I can’t tell you how tremendously funny I found it.

Well actually the eeriest thing about this midnight hooha is that for a couple of weeks now, our doorbell has been MYSTERIOUSLY ringing IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. I was spooked the first time I heard it at 2.30am. I have a huge window facing outside you see, and there’s a man we’ve seen hanging around our streets and OUR HOUSE. He can just climb into my room if I leave the window open…so I’ve resolved to sleep with windows closed until the landlord sees to the issue. I had a nightmare that he climbed into the room the other day and I just started screaming for my housemate. 😦

So anyway, all of us went out with torches in the freezing weather to check our power switch, and then I called my friend to confirm that it wasn’t just our house. We even walked all the way to campus and asked Security about the power failure (but really, it was more for the fun of it lol).

And then we came back and played a silly little song game that went on until the lights came back on. I fell straight on my back immediately after that. 🙂

Well, my life has been crazily fun…with Mark’s birthday party where we played Monopoly Cards (fun version of monopoly)…volunteering at unilife’s BBQ…but classes start tomorrow, and I can’t be updating so often anymore. The excitement phase is almost over, I’ve pretty much settled in at home, gotten used to bus stops and the city and taking care of food. Last weekend tiredness washed over me like nobody’s business and I slept my whole Saturday away. 🙂

I really want to make my time here count. Sometimes it saddens me when I see people who just stick to their kind…never venturing out to search for more opportunities and information about what they can get out of their experience here. Never meeting new people. I know it can be really hard, but you paid so much to come all the way to Australia. Sure, some people may not be as friendly as you like, but I’ve met nice locals…once you understand that they too, are more comfortable with their kind, once you imagine yourself in their shoes, you really won’t blame them for not being too interested in conversing with you. It’s really up to you to engage with them…they’re not any more superior just because they speak with an Aussie accent and it’s their land. Well at least I think it’s really worth making effort to understand them and their culture.