Remember I was talking about this freaky guy who stalks our house and (we assume) rings our doorbell in the middle of the night? My housemates and I often tease each other to watch out for him and the joke was carried on to facebook.

So I was brushing my teeth yesterday night, and then out of nowhere, there was just a gentle, convicting voice asking me: why are you calling him crazy?

Immediately, I was stilled and saddened. No, it’s not that I think what we did was harmful or a big deal, I was just saddened  by my attitude. Suddenly, I just saw the man as a real person with thoughts and feelings. A man who probably needed someone, some love, some direction, somewhere to stay, some money. I don’t know.

If  he really is crazy he probably wouldn’t comprehend what our laughter means–I don’t know how to explain this–but I suddenly saw myself among the crowd who ridiculed and mocked Jesus as I laughed at the man.

Anyway, I just came back from volunteering at the unilife office today selling 2nd hand textbooks to students and registering them as members (oh do you know I’ve got a YELLOW unilife shirt I’m so happy! And the unilife volunteers were brought to watch a free movie yesterday night, it was fun coz we could order anything.). I also bought ANOTHER dress (oh no) yesterday after watching a LOVELY dance in the city. I was just so happy and sad at the same time I immediately knew I HAD to keep dancing. I can’t let dancing die just because I’ve left my dance team.

Clarification: writing this post does not mean I want to become friendly in any way with a strange guy. It just means I do not want to ridicule him anymore.