I just stumbled out from a two-hour Advanced News Writing assessment…that I just happened to know about this morning. I don’t know why they call it “Advanced”, really, they should call it Feature and Opinion News Writing instead. I would have jumped at the first chance to sign up. Sorry, but Aussies like to make things sound grand…little joke going around our house. Shh.

I was actually enrolled in another class, which I have dropped because I find it irrelevant and repetitive to courses I have undertaken. So I decided on ANW yesterday…after enrolling in AND dropping Teeline Shorthand. You cannot imagine what a hassle I have been to the enrolment office.

Because Teeline Shorthand is just like Arabic. =.= No way I’m gonna use it as a journalist because I don’t. like. it! Feature Writing is more like it. That’s what I want to improve on.

I am hungry. 🙂 Tonight Hungry Jasmine will eat at Hungry Jacks with everyone.

My Counselling Practical is at 3pm.

Someone told me I could do well in Investigative Journalism, and it made me happy. I had never thought I’d be a good journalist, hence had never seriously considered the profession.

I was skyping with mum yesterday and I asked her how long exactly my money was meant to last, and she said, it’s meant for you to study.

It made me feel very grateful and very bad at the same time. Because I bought a RM60 dress, and because I might go to Kangaroo Island with Tanny this weekend.

When I’m settled down with my subjects I’ll think about getting a job.

I feel like listening to Priscilla Ahn. What a nice, dreamy day.