Making a to-do list is a really bad substitute for blogging, but short outbursts will have to do for now because there’s just been so many things going on in my head and around the house, my heart just cannot quiet down, digest, and paint a picture for you.

I’ve started to develop some real camaradarie with my housemates, and it’s really funny and interesting to hear all these different perspectives from them. I almost look forward to coming home and seeing their faces at night. Sometimes you just feel left out you know? When people laugh and talk and you watch as a clueless outsider. But time makes all the difference, and now my housemates are partially why it is becoming hard to focus and do things in the house unless I wake up early in the morning when no one’s awake.

1. I have to catch up with ALL my readings and confirm my internship. :S Where oh where.

2. Print out my resume and drop it off at this cafe Tanny and I ate at before watching The Men Who Stare At Goats. Hilarious movie. I fell in love with the cafe, so maybe I will work there once I’ve sorted my schedule out.

3. Tanny bought FRESH OYSTERS and sashimi for us at Glenelg, and we sat down on a grassy patch to eat them. It was heaven. She also passed on a suitcase’s worth of clothes to me, my heaven-sent angel.

4. I swam at Glenelg! Really, really swam! The sky looked as if it was one with the sea…and it felt a bit unreal and scary for a person who’s been taught never to tempt the dark forces of the ocean. Lol. I wanted to jump off the pier the way a group of boys did the first time I went to Glenelg, but I chickened out because it was so far from shore and didn’t look too safe.

5. Tanny taught me how to taste wine and cheese. I feel a little more refined now. I really should learn how to enjoy my food instead of wolfing it down all the time. I don’t know. It felt so luxurious, nibbling at the cheese and sipping the wine. We slept for an hour on a grassy patch in the Botanical Gardens after that.

6. Had dinner at Pancakes and Steaks with Tanny and her Dutch friend. It is a 24-7 outlet in Adelaide that’s a popular hangout place. How fun and educational it is to talk to interesting people over fluffy buttermilk pancakes. 

7. Shopping along Rundle St, Harbour Town, and Glenelg was extremely satisfying, even if most of the time I just looked at people and what’s in fashion. I’ve never seen so much style in my life. Style that seems fairy-like and effortless. That sometimes, I think I could just be contented admiring from afar because I stubbornly cherish my $$$ more. 

p/s: I got into my room. 🙂