I wriggle my feet into the wakeboard shoes and Hannah tightens them for me. The cold water envelopes my skin as I push myself off the ledge of the Unilife speedboat, bringing a refreshing change from the searing heat. Giggling excitedly, I bob up and down in a position that feels slightly unnatural as my feet are kept above water level by the (un)surprisingly buoyant wakeboard. I grope around for the rope, my lifeline to the boat. Gripping the handle tightly, I bend my knees and bring them as closely to my chest as I can.

“Position yourself facing the boat and lean back!” shouts Hannah, the best wakeboarder on our Ski Boat Friday excursion today.

I signal to our boat driver Andrewthat I’m ready, and await the tug that will hopefully get me up on my feet.

The boat engine roars to life, but even as I concentrate hard on leaning back, it is all over in seconds. I lunge forward as the boat accelerates, my board goes under, and as the water pushes against it, all chance of standing up is lost. The handle is ripped away from me and I land belly first in the water. It takes me awhile to figure out how to flip my feet around so I’m floating belly side up, and I await the tug of the speedboat once again.

Unfortunately, I did not manage to get up in four tries. But the day got better as Lisa, Amy, and Ben all outperformed each other. They hung on behind for much longer, and Ben even managed to keep upright and do it in style! We cheered as each one found success. Hannah, our resident nurse-to-be who spent one year in the Navy was by far the most impressive, of course, and she made wakeboarding seem like a breeze! 

Throughout the day, different people tried the biscuit and the kneeboard, and our Barbeque man Allen even went skiing at 30 mph all dressed up in his wet suit. The day flew by and I think all of us wanted it to last just a little longer even as we packed up and brought the boat back to its shed.

Unilife gave us a fabulous time and left us with the gift of an aching body the day after. If you have never done water skiing or anything like that in your life, you really should do it while you’re at uni, with Unilife! Great fun, cheap prices. Thank you for the memories everyone.