That’s what I just googled. It’s lame, and a little desperate, to think of the kind of help I need in my article writing, haha! I’m googling everything despite having just experienced it myself.

I did a farmstay and went to the Flinders Ranges last Monday, and I’m having a little trouble capturing the feel. Again, free trip for free promotion. Also, free workout (hiking up Wilpena Pound) that left me entirely sore.

After Flinders I went to the Adelaide Hills to spend some time with the guys and girls at church…and we went to Mylor to do a Ropes Course which crippled me as well. Unfit unfit! Just got back yesterday, so I’ve been away 6 days in a row.

I was really tired the week before too: one of my down cycles again where I just find it hard to get out of bed (doesn’t help that it’s freezing), hard to get going. That’s when the struggle is at its most intense. 

But God provided what I needed to refresh myself: His Word (Joshua 21:45), a card from a friend, the most amazing night sky it was unbelievable, a relaxing trip, a reminder on the mountains, crazy water balloon fights…and I think I am ready to start work again.

When I was hiking up Wilpena Pound, panting and screaming inside with every step my jelly legs took that I could just stop and turn back, I was reminded of a word Nancy gave me a couple of months ago. She told me I had many mountains to climb, but God is my porter, my guide, the one who will give me strength along the ardous climb…and I thought, ah yes, this is exactly how torturous a struggle feels sometimes. Ah, God knew and understood that I needed encouragement not to give up. Ah, I can trust Him because He warned me it would be difficult.

And guess what, the struggle is no big deal! Because I will get through the temporal pain. Just like how I can enjoy the view on top of the mountain after overcoming the physical discomfort. I am NOT going to stop and break down again. I am not going to fear that. I am going to overcome by faith. Because those that put their trust in the Lord will renew their strength!

Am I entirely sure? Haha no. Do I feel exhiliarated? Definitely not. I still feel tired. I feel exactly like how I felt midway up the mountain! But I’ve come to accept that that’s OK! And I can be tired AND be in faith at the same time.

Tomorrow I start work doing volunteer reporting for the Australian Special Olympics, and it’s gonna be broadcast journalism so I’m really nervous about it. The fact that I am not Australian and I don’t speak like one scares me a lot sometimes. When I applied for it, I confidently said I had experience, but really, I have no idea how things work here. I just know I wanna try. I hope I don’t embarrass myself.