1. My eyes and frontal lobe have ganged up with the computer to kill me. I am turning purple.

2. Too many online posts don’t make any good points, the discussion goes round and round (and round) and heads nowhere (I’m sick of the abortionishorribleitshouldbebanned vs. womensrights vs. whenexactlydoesafetushavelife debate); yet we participate because particpation counts.

3. Other posts have real meat in them yet require so much to digest. Need more enzymes. Brain juice.

4. I’m scared of Purple. Beets. Purple. Beets. Purple. I’m turning into Barney because  of all those beets I bought and have been forced to eat. I don’t like brinjal and don’t think I even like dragonfruit anymore. I’m going to hide my purple dress.

5. I’ve been submitting articles to the uni mag for awhile now, and this editor girl has been kindly offering very useful feedback. Sometimes, she proofreads my assignments for me.

6. She told me my latest submission had lots of politically incorrect stuff in it. 🙂 I don’t know what to say. I can’t budge from my incorrect-ness. I just can’t. I’d love to post my politically incorrect piece here, but…thought better of it.

One day. I’ll be more profound and graced, and I’ll get away with telling stuff as it is. I don’t have enough life and insight in 21 years just yet.