…from all the wondering, wandering, and the slightest bit of thinking I’ve applied it to. In fact, the best thing that happened to me today was that someone taught me how to laugh. To make light of things.

It’s time for late nights and Maggi Mee again. Indomee doesn’t measure up. Healthy food somehow doesn’t go to my brain. Jun Shen prescribed almonds but they don’t work either.

So there’s been this huge furore over the My School website over here in Australia, a site that allows kiasu parents to compare NAPLAN scores across schools, haha. It’s bad enough it’s the first time I’m hearing the terms ‘My School’ and ‘NAPLAN’, but worse, I had to produce an opinion piece on the website in 2 hours. I just didn’t know how to start, at all, besides toying around with buttons on the site like an idiot. When the tutor came round I hadn’t done anything. 🙂 I couldn’t key in my secondary school and write about how it painted an inaccurate picture, I couldn’t comment on how it was unfair to pitch this elite school against that local one, I just didn’t know enough to write something worth reading. That’s what happens when you’re an uninformed international, hmm?

When we had to do our first feature article, I didn’t do well because I ‘let too much opinion creep in’. And now, I’m expected to assert myself into every sentence for next week’s in class testing. Funny how I’ve always loved opinion writing and now I am just terrified of not knowing what to say. Oh well.

Five more weeks to the end of semester. I think a lot more about being a journalist now. About jobs. About employers. I don’t know why. Maybe because the lecturers talk about it, maybe because I’m actually getting a real taste of it. MAYBE BECAUSE WHAT ELSE WOULD I WORK AS? I’m not so sure about my counselling subjects anymore. How will they fit in? Is it really worth pursuing a side interest? Or should I focus on becoming a journalist?