This week, I’ve been having trouble getting out of bed. Nothing new about these cycles, by now, but it still sucks the same. I missed a 25% test, and it was just really fortunate the tutor decided to accept the work I did and submitted after. Very gracious of her. Opinion piece on Victoria Square’s facelift. I barely coughed it out but I thought I managed not to sound stupid, so that’s good.

I figure sometimes I just need to dump assignments (and worrying about stuff in newspapers I don’t really understand), go out there, hang with people, and get some sunshine.

And packets of sunshine are everywhere.

In the form of a sweet little girl that laughs at you when you yawn.

Friends that visit you with chocolates to make sure you’re alright, who know how to listen and yet talk sense into you.

Papa and Mama who email with words that trump Redbull.

Housemates and the most hilarious pranks. Joko coming back at night looking all forlorn, saying, please can you cook something for me to eat. The poor boy doesn’t even know how to cook sausages.

The kindest editors, I don’t even know why.

I need to buy a sunshine jar.