Surprisingly, my favourite subject two months into the semester is my external subject, the very same one the professor suggested I drop in favour of other subjects that might ‘allow room for more interaction with a diverse range of students’.

So not true. I find that it is the only subject where any real exchange of ideas takes place, however limited that might be, because no one bothers sustaining the conversation (on the same topic) after awhile.

Still, it’s been a really enjoyable course that widened my perspective, and you have none of the falling-asleep-time-wasting-nonsense you get with other subjects in class.

It would take a long time and a good many stories before I began to fall in love with reporting. The realization came as I began to understand that while my writing would after a time improve only incrementally, reporting was a craft that could, if done ambitiously, remain beyond perfecting. The lonely and maddening business of writing could be fueled not by what dexterity with words I could summon but by all the many things I had to find out. I fell in love with reporting only after I was old enough to appreciate that, journalistically speaking, it could keep me young.

Michael Shapiro

OK I need to get back to my Afghan poppy trade analysis and uh, its international ramifications. :S