X says:
about what you said
you really feel that those who always do good in schools do not actually try hard for it??

jasmine says:
no i’m just saying they don’t make that their ultimate goal
their ultimate goal is to do well in the field, which then frees them to do well in both the real world and exams
unlike those who concentrate on the artificial test of exams per se

X says
so scoring is just a byproduct?

jasmine says:
uhm. well at least in my field. where its not so factual.
its not factual at all.
well my whole intention is just to tell you that grades really don’t affect a person much
so, just chill and maybe get a lil more interested in Economics, explore a little more, and who knows you’ll do better next time

X says:
oh dear
thats the problem i guess

jasmine says:
that you’re not interested?
what’s the problem

X says:
sigh i shoud try
no im not
ive thought of quitting school haha
but i study…maybe not enough
im just continuing because i want a degree
ive thought of what to do, sth unrelated to econs, after i graduate
which i hope can be realised
ahh maybe youre right