janne.yow@hotmail.com said (3:23 PM):

papa and mama ask you whether you tell the kor teng’s son you are asking him to take some things or not
and also when is he going back to adelaide??
coz papa ask me to play with your voice recorder first

janne.yow@hotmail.com said (3:24 PM):

there will be some files in your recorder so be sure to hear it
you can delete all of it after you finish listening. tata

janne.yow@hotmail.com said (3:52 PM):

p/s: the disc inside the recorder box is NOT a driver. It is just an instruction booklet. But I still prefer reading the REAL instruction booklet which is there for you. I don’t think I miss out anything so BON VOyAGE to your teeeeny voice recorder. There’s an FM built in too. You need to connect to headphones or sth like that. The voice recorder’s speaker is not brilliant, so don’t get upset when you hear from the voice recorder. If you listen from the computer, it is going to be much better

janne.yow@hotmail.com said (3:53 PM):

CHEARS!!!! J-Anne. VP of the Sony Style Recording Co-operation. Have a good time trying out the recorder