I’ve succumbed to bouts of flu and a mysterious addiction to the bed (both widespread in winter), and my brain is chugging along very slowly along the neuron railway. Not the best of seasons, even my sleep cycle has gone wrong. It’s mood affecting as well…difficult days!

Besides the lovelies at church, it is very often my housies who get me up and about. Today, for example, Joko banged on my door and called my name so many times to make me get up and walk to the recycling centre with him. We earned $2.70 (10c for every aluminium can/plastic bottle, only in good ol’ Adelaide)! So we’re all unashamed trash collectors at our Brougham house. Except Thomas, who unashamedly does not participate.

For example:

Dianne: *sparkling eyes* Omg Jasmine, there’s 10c in the bin.
Jas: Huh? What 10c? I don’t see any money.
Dianne: There!! In the bin!! *excited*
Jas: Ohhhh…*walks over to pick up coke bottle*

We can earn up to 40c per night just by walking through the computer barns. 🙂

We are also sharks for cheap bargains (again, except Thomas, who eats at Sushi Train and even buys mineral water there :D). Yesterday, Cherry Blossom had their anniversary and we bought so much sushi at half price! On the way…

Dianne: That car’s from Melbourne.
Jas: Wah, so far away you can see?
Dianne: *reads out number plate*
Jas: WAH! Oh no it means my eyesight has deteriorated! There’s something wrong with my eyes!
Joko: No there’s something wrong with your brain.

Later, on the bus…

Jas: You know we can actually use our backyard.
Dianne: I’m going to plant my own ginger.
Joko: I’m going to plant chillies, and my eggplant (Joko’s staple and only vege he eats)!
Dianne: Yes, we have to progress from chillies, to tomatoes, and then to eggplants. If we need money, we can sell them.
Jas: Yea, we can sell them to Thomas.
*5 secs of laughter*
Dianne: We can have our own Brougham Farmville.

Operasi Membasmi Kuman

Aren’t they cute? 🙂 Today, Joko, lost after finishing his semester was stalking fb when he informed me of a friend’s passing. He didn’t even know him, but it made me feel like the ground was falling out. Together, we read the expressions of grief and love on fb and said a prayer together for the remaining family members.

We went to uni to shoot some hoops…a good replacement for my flailing $75 commitment to the gym, beaten by the cold weather. Then I cooked dinner for both of us and now I’m back at the PC.

Thomas is howling and spouting expletives in the living room watching Argentina vs. South Korea. This morning, he left a post-it on the remote saying he’s booked the TV, hilarious. Usually, Dianne watches Glee at this hour.