Doesn’t the name already just take you by force.

In connects with that deep heroic desire inside each of us *sheepish grin*. It’s supposed to be a ‘justice league of dancers’. However vague and fluffed up that sounds, there’s something very raw and real about what they do. It’s almost unexplainable, except through music and movement (classical music at that! SICK, or DOPE, as the street people would say.)

I love the fusion of talents: The Glee ‘Other Asian’ Harry Shum Jr is in it, Lil C (most eloquent), Madd Chadd the Master of Mechanical Movement (my fav, most distinct)…Kid David (fav performance in video above)…J Smooth (most engaging style and most intelligent quote)…

And did you hear them speak? Oozing of intelligence! It’s a whole new level of kinethic intelligence. (Oh Lady Gaga too, have you seen her interviews. Although I dislike her, a lot.)

‘When I’m in the zone and dancing…I actually picture lines and moving them…I think of like transformers, like how panels open and then they fold,’ J Smooth, Animated Precision Master.

What brings it over the tipping point for me is that they do all this raw sweat and blood stuff to heartrending strains of a string quartet, something so gracious and poetic. And it’s unbelievably controlled. You’ll get my point if you watch Kid David: the way he manipulates energy is spectacular.

I did some digging and found out that Step Up 2 director Jon Chu was behind this whole mysterious project and an online dance adventure (whatever it is) is gonna be launched 07.07.10!

Search online for their SYTYCD and Oscar performances for more. They performed to the nominees for Best Score, and it made me wonder if there is anywhere dance cannot go. My SYTYCD favourites were in the Oscar performance too. 🙂 My only gripe is that the girls are all in the background.