She uses the same tupperware water container we used when I was five.

Her Clever Sponge. Note the detergent inside.

She walks quickly. Keeping up feels like doing a foxtrot, doubletime.

She speaks about the most ordinary past time of napping in the afternoon, sitting down to teddy bear biscuits and a cup of coffee, and suddenly it’s so appealing and exciting!

She smiles at Caitlin, my new cousin. 🙂

Caitlin's first experience of the wind

And refuses to be photographed when her hair is ‘crazy’ or ‘flat’.

She pampers me like I am her very own granddaughter, bought me a yellow(!) cardigan.

Thank you to everyone (Yi Miin, Chang Yang, David and Nicole aka ‘Bave & Blick’ and the other granduncles and aunties) who took me out for a meal, spent time with me, and made my Melbourne trip so relaxing and enjoyable. And cheap. 😀

And Christine, I really enjoyed your grandpiano, and chatting with you about dating! Haha!