I’ve been:

1. Eating. A lot of good Asian food! Cooked quite a bit too, might as well since no one really likes cooking here and the twins actually take turns to cook for the family. Quite rare for 22 year old engineers who are not MasterChef followers, I think?

2. Getting drenched in the rain and seeing black umbrellas everywhere. Even totally wrecked ones on the pavements. It’s so bad for holidaying coz you can’t do much (after eating all that food).

2. Talking to people, learning to carry (boring) conversations along and turn them around. Dreaming. Deciding whether to make my last blogpost visible again. Haha.

3. Sleeping. A lot, as well. Mmmmm.

4. Tanny  invited me for drinks with her colleagues and then a fantastic Thai dinner on Friday night, and a music gig (The Affairs, James of Grey) at an oddly located pub thereafter. The Affairs had an irresistable charisma…and my distant cousin turned out to be a guitarist in the rock band. It was the first time I actually paid for music in a thousand years.

5. Paddington Markets!!!!!! I love the vibe and the pretty pretty stuff.

6. Getting hooked on Master Chef and watching my favourite get booted out because of a satay sauce. I am fasting from satay sauce for a month.

7. Reading ‘Growing up Asian in Australia’, edited by Alice Pung. It’s an interesting collection of stories by cultural misfits, helps you understand what life is like to be in that odd position at the intersection of two cultures.

8. Trying to spend more time with God.

9. Catching up with a high school mate.

10. I’m going to take a Pro Tools course because someone generously decided to invest in me. I wasn’t going to because it cost $400, but now I’m being subsidized, so…