I have decided to lay down my pen for a month, despite the 112341098708 exciting things I’ve been doing recently that I’m just burning to write you so you can laugh and cry and experience them with me.

It’s funny, but I recently sense the need to just slow down, stop, realign…just for a little while. I’ve never been so sure about this, especially not about stopping something so good and enjoyable and possibly impactful.

I’ve just been sensing a timely need to be sharper and wiser, qualities that don’t come easily. I like to blurt out politically incorrect observations because I think it’s fun to say things no one else would say. It’s something I like about myself a lot. But sometimes, you need a special tact to get the mix right. And that wisdom and tact are qualities my dad has prolly been encouraging me to develop for ages. Qualities my ex-copy editor suggested I work on as well after reading one of my unpublishable pieces because I have a unique and endearing voice that could be harnessed and finetuned to be something powerful, she said.

I’ll be back after 31st August, which happens to be Malaysia’s Independence Day. 🙂 If I’ve any extra time at all from not blogging, I’ll be using it to read up and pray for my tanah air that’s close to my heart.