It’s been so long. (:

Work experience began and ended, interviews were conducted and stories written, my filming with the Australian Network for My Australia’s under way, and the country’s parliament got hung. In spectactular fashion. While I tried to wrap my head around Rudd and Gillard, Hawke and Keating, Cash for Clunkers and Pink Batts, Abbott and Brown, and now Katter and Oakshott….all too complex and quite hard to get to the heart of the matter, I think.

In between were good chunks of quiet spaces, inspiring stories, a Zumba class, an odd bracelet at Gilles Street Market, Living Below the Line 2010, and friendships built. I’m quite a different person from the one that stepped out of cold July: with the same challenges and weaknesses maybe, but also new strength, skill, and perspective.

The late winter blooms were magnificent. Here’s to new growth in spring, including the lettuces and basil I planted in the backyard. 🙂