2Sa 24:24 I will not offer burnt offerings to the LORD my God that cost me nothing.

In the bible, when God punished Israel after King David’s census of his army, David built an altar out of a repentant heart to offer peace offerings to the Lord.

A man called Araunah saw David coming down to his land, and gave David the respect he deserved as king, saying, “Let my lord the king take and offer up what seems good to him. Here are the oxen for the burnt offering and the threshing sledges and the yokes of the oxen for the wood.”

But David did not take his position as king for granted. He refused the offer. He bought the threshing floor. He paid for the oxen.

He was a man who knew that a religion that costs him nothing is a religion that is worth nothing.

As I continue to study David’s life, I’m just struck by the special reverence this imperfect man had for God. David magnified God, feared God, praised God with all he had, and trusted God with his life!

God called him a man after His own heart.