A book by Andy Stanley I picked up while staying over at Jo’s.

  • If someone spent a week carefully watching your lifestyle–what you laugh at, where you go, what you allow into your mind–what conclusions would he draw about your God? How would the picture he developed compare to the picture of God we find in Scripture?
  • [huge chunk about the mind boggling story of the golden calf after Moses disappeared up Mt Sinai. Andy says he used to think how stupid it was to create something and then worship it, even as  a kid.]. As we allow our hearts to harden toward God, we edit His program. We de-emphasize and reemphasize to the point where we end up worshiping a god who doesn’t exist. We create him ourselves. He may bear a striking resemblance to the God of the Bible, but our god is personalized. Custom-made. A variation of the real thing.
  • It is an idol.


  • You can worship the God of purity and holiness. Or you can worship a god that simply makes you feel accomplished, affirms all your strengths, and never touches your tender spots. But they aren’t the same god. God is committed to reshaping your inner person.