If you know me well, you’ll know that making real friends is hard work for me.  Hanging out is hard for me –I was taught it was a waste of time.

But moments do come along which are so richly rewarding. When they happen, I always want to hold on to it just a little bit longer…because I am so blissfully happy in those instances…

Going to the arcade with Chuin Ying every Wednesday when  I was little (I broke my arm the day we were supposed to go watch Aladdin, which was my favourite movie because of Princess Jasmine). Sneaking out to the shopping centre with friends after school on Fridays when I was 11: eating at the foodcourt was a thrill. I never really hung out during lunchbreaks at school — was always buried in books, but I do remember one, rare, special recess where Li Enn, Kar Yann and I shared a bowl of Laksa and we slurped the noodles one by one.

Protecting Yi Ting from Ming Loong in Year 5 by bringing a long ruler to school and using it as a weapon. Throwing newspaper balls around the classroom in high school. Friends surprising me at the train station after my 12-hour journey to Singapore. Walking to McD with Elaine in the rain at ungodly hours under one umbrella that barely covered anything and getting my laptop wet. A team who recorded a dance to Keep Holding On so that I could watch it whenever I felt like giving up. Tiffany cooking lunch for me. Living Below The Line with Jo and friends.

Dinner: A can of tomato soup and a loaf of bread

Tonight was special too, after a difficult and painful week. It didn’t tire me out but invigorated me instead, a very rare occurence. I laughed louder than all the other kids at Intencity, racing Ally and Keagan on the machines. Keagan cooked for us. Taught us a bit of salsa. We laid out mattresses and cushions on the floor and watched Keagan and Jo do stunts. Chris & Jo helped me do my first ever front flip too!

Clockwise: Me, Chris, Keagan, Ally, Jo

Friends are precious. Laughter is precious. Joy is precious. They fill you up with good and thankful thoughts. Sometimes it boggles my mind when I realise how many people are good to me, even when I am moody and complex and sometimes quite private. Thank you.