• bought Under Cover by Chris Rogers for $3 at Koorong! Yay! Am reading about how the Duchess of York and the author (who is a journalist) exposed the secret inhumane conditions of abandoned children in Romania
  • also bought When Life Is Hard by James MacDonald. Good, strong outlook for the storms of life…strength that comes from his personal application of God’s truth
  • redecorated my room (:

my postcard tree

  • watched my lettuce grow stuntedly and learnt important lessons in gardening. Sigh and shame on me for not following instructions. Haha.
  • cycled to Glenelg and had my fair share of the sand and the sea.
  • went crabbing – cooked up crazy strategies to lure and catch crabs, learnt how to murder them with a chopstick, cleaned and cooked them during an awesome steamboat dinner!
  • first cold shower. shiver shiver.
  • shorts!!!!!!!! summer dresses!!!!!!!!! sunnies!!!!!!!! stashed all my winter clothes away in a luggage. Half packed already to move out at the end of the year before I go back (to avoid rent while I’m in Msia).
  • got a grasp on InDesign, designed a tabloid frontpage for my assignment. Was hard work but fun. Put my journalism portfolio together as well for another assignment. Stories stories and more frivolous stories.
  • slept on my spectacles and broke them in half. Epic.
  • updated a page you absolutely need to read if you’re my friend!
  • brooded and slept and ate. All in above normal amounts.
  • went to the Good Food and Wine Show with Thomas and Surekha to see Masterchef’s George and Gary! Awesome entertainers, no wonder the show’s a success.
  • turned my clock forward by one hour. Lost one hour of sleep!
  • chickened out from exercising in the cold morning air all too often. Fail.
  • did a meaningful girls’ sleepover, organised bushwalking+picnic at Morialta Falls. Blessed others, and was blessed.
  • made lots of origami tulips to give out on Rundle Mall : )

Spring is a beautiful season. 🙂 My dad says it’s the best season in Australia.

I don’t know, but I guess it is the most hopeful season: fresh air, sunlight, green buds on trees, and beautiful surprises from flowers in every shape and size and hue…