It was by chance that I came across the $3 book left in the marked down pile. I nearly didn’t buy it as I am not in the habit of collecting books, but I caved because it was about a journalist’s undercover investigations.

So I started reading Under Cover by Chris Rogers.  

There are certain books that make good bedside reading, books I read to send me off to lala-land. They are usually pleasant, engaging material, but I can always put them under my pillow for tomorrow night’s quota.

Not this one. I read it on my bed last week, and it made me toss and turn. I had to keep reading. I had to get up. I had to pray. I had to do something, although I don’t quite know what that something is yet, or how I can help.

Writing about it is perhaps the small beginning of that something.

Chris Rogers’ descriptions of the Romanian children rocked, angered, and appalled me.

Children trapped in secret institutions for so long they’d turned into adults. Tied to their beds all their lives.

A 12-year old girl who kept falling over because she had not been taught how to walk.

Children who’d begged to be tied up because that’s the only existence they know.


To see what a person’s persistence and courage can achieve, for me, is not really about being inspired to do good. It’s about realising how important a person’s contribution is. To see that every single little thing you choose to offer to the world can be taken, and used for greater purposes (Chris’s investigation moved the Duchess of York to film an entire undercover operation with him and her daughters to expose the inhumane conditions). 

The dilemmas Chris had to face both within himself and without captured me. After just discussing issues to do with ethics, trauma, and tragedy reporting at uni, Chris’s writing just seemed that bit more real – that bit more likely that this could be what I do in 5, 10 years time now that I’m on the precipice of graduation.

Have you been concerned about anything lately? Found out any way you can contribute – time, skills, money?