It’s funny that I’ve actually been contemplating work life balance quite a bit, and then today while researching Boost Juice founder Janine Allis’s background (to write up interview questions to email her for a story for work), I found the CEO speaks about it quite a lot.

(I also interviewed rock singer Jimmy Barnes and my byline’s gonna make the paper! Sorry this is very immature but YAY! And on another note it’s amazing to see what a well-oiled machine print+the convergent media has become…my words went from one person to the other and by the time it was properly laid out on the page it was unrecognizable. Catchy title by the sub-editor, nice design, nice picture…it’s such an efficient process.)

hard at work

I was out on a job with this delightful old photographer who’s been at it 37 years, and he taught me the art of relaxing on the job. : ) He even emailed the above picture to me, the kind old soul.

But no, I have been working really hard. And I sort of like it, I like feeling useful, and efficient…and knowing what to do.

It’s been better here compared to my first internship where I really didn’t know the first clue about a lot of things. I still don’t, but at least I’m more comfortable in print.

Actually my chief of staff has been telling me I work really fast. I can’t remember how many advertorials I’ve written in the past three days. How many chores I’ve done in the form of research, getting quotes, organising information, doing lists for different sections of the paper.

You can’t run a marathon the way you do the 100m dash, and I’m learning how to pace myself in the workplace.