Quick updates about my life for people back home (especially my family)…and I do apologize if my latest entries haven’t been the most polished! 

  1. I’ll be in Malaysia 14 Dec – 18 Feb. Will touch down in KL and probably hang around for a bit before heading up to Alor Setar. Maybe take a trip down to Singapore too. Don’t know. [By the way my internship application to this certain paper was rejected with these words: Pleased TO be informed that your application has not been successful. Probably the funniest rejection letter ever. Ever. Although I did hope to get a taste of a Malaysian newsroom…before I decide to come back to Malaysia for good and regret! Haha…]
  2. I’m filming another two stories for My Australia! YAY for money!  I’ll be biking down Mt Lofty and doing the Santa Fun Run
  3. I’m pretty much done with the semester, except for this website I’ve to build which is a mess since I missed classes while on internship, and another ethics essay. I do two weeks of summer school end of November. Next semester I do Shorthand (finally), Journalism Project (which is sort of done because I’ve done the internship), and Advertising and then I graduate!
  4. I’ve been doing some editing work for the Dance Therapy Association of Australia via email. The dance therapy rep in Adelaide (who is 80 years old) invited me to her home for a beautiful lunch today…she served us hot plates! I never knew people serve up hot plates. I really should learn a thing or two about hospitality.
  5. DID I TELL YOU SOMEONE GAVE ME A KEYBOARD. I got completely bowled over…such generosity! Well, it’s time to develop some long lost keyboarding skills…I never expected myself to go back to it. But where there is a need, I will gladly do it. 
  6. My last two art projects were flowers which we handed out in the mall and DIY greeting cards for fundraising. Now I have a new one: wedding invitations for a friend getting married next Autumn! I’ve been to all the craft shops I know searching high and low for right colours and material while counting the cost at the back of my head. I must be extra careful doing them because no one likes a sloppy invitation card.
  7. I also write for ccmadelaide.blogspot.com now and I just finished making exam packs for some forty over people…

If the packs don’t make people smile they’ll at least laugh because it’s lame.