When I hear this song, I am grateful for the songwriter’s talent, the poetic lyrics, and the excellent musicianship. I am grateful because I am blessed: I am led into God’s presence, and I am drawn to worship the God they sing about.

It is very easy to envy others for their talents or for what they can do, especially when we struggle with our lot. Maybe we despair when it takes us 10 hours to do an English essay because it is not our first language.

It is also very easy to become prideful of what we have, and to use it to glorify ourselves.

But when we realize that these are merely gifts…gifts meant to be used for the blessings of others, the comparison and envy and pride and insecurity gets stripped away.

When I get caught up in the chasing, I find it so helpful to slow down and ask God:

What is my portion? What is my role? How am I to use my time, my talents, my skills?

And I ask Him to remind me that it is good to shine as myself. To allow and encourage and help many, many, many others do the same as well. And regardless of how others are using their talents, I am responsible for how I am using mine.

p/s: I had a sudden urge to make my private posts public.