There was a thunderstorm today; an inexplicable gushing torrent of rain right out of nowhere. The fire alarm rang at uni (ironic), and I had to wade home amidst ankle-high waters rushing off into the drains.

I learnt that Summer is fickle this year.

Sometimes, I am a bit like this Summer – a violent clash of beautiful jacaranda trees and cruel heat.

Michelle calls them exam trees because they come out during year end exams.

Sometimes I feel just like the still, heavy heat, stealthily working my way through piles of things-to-do, an inbuilt mechanism I never seem to be able to rid myself of. It is cruel, on myself, and on others.

And then sometimes out of nowhere, a torrent of emotions…like a sudden thunderstorm unhinging everyone’s tracks, derailing trains that’ve run like clockwork throughout winter.

Who are my comrades and who are my companions? Who’s in my life for a season, who’s in my life working towards a common goal, and who, friends for life?  

Will the jacaranda trees be enough for them to overlook the buzzing flies and itchy mozzie bites and the uncomfortable sweating through a summer night?

Will the jacaranda trees be enough, huh.