Happy new year! I know I’ve always been late to hop on tech bandwagons — never used downloading software or even ppsstream, slow to Facebook & Twitter, loyal to old web browers etc etc. But, a journalist cannot afford to be left behind for too long. So, I hitched a quick catch-up ride and recently became more tech savvy with the help of my little sister. 🙂

  • the iPhone: My sister lent me her iPhone (correction: dad’s old iPhone 3…passed down when he got his iPhone 4 and lately, the iPad) – a gadget I never had the pleasure of getting acquainted with before this. The girl taught me all the basic functions, while I learnt about more smartphone apps through my writing jobs which required me to write some reviews.
  • Google Chrome: Google Chrome has become my favourite browser after using IE and old Mozilla all these years. I was amazed at the ‘inspect element‘ function which reveals the HTML of a page! However, what I really like about Chrome is the simplistic design. Firefox apparently has a better version of inspect element in Firebug (which I never knew about). Anyway, I’ve conveniently imported all my IE bookmarks into Chrome. Bliss.
  • WordPress 3.0: I was thinking of uploading a PDF the other day, and while looking for online help, I came across 2.7 and 3.0. Turns out WordPress has taken a few leaps forward. I will be installing PHP and WordPress 3.0 soon.
  • Windows 7 OS: I finally upgraded because my dad bought me the installation disc. 🙂 The taskbars are more user friendly and I love how you can see all your open windows.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m in the middle of a what-did-you-have-for-lunch guessing game with Jun Shen on MSN. 😛