My mum’s cooking aside, the top 5 Alor Setar foods I discovered I really missed are:

  1. LORR MEE @ Telokwanjah market: Unavailable in Adelaide and rare in KL.
  2. Otak-otak or fish mousse @ Telokwanjah market: Unavailable in Adelaide
  3. Jawa Mee @ nowhere specific:Unavailable in Adelaide
  4. Koay Teow Th’ng with fishballs @ opposite 记得来: Unavailable in Adelaide
  5. 50 sen Nasi Lemak @ Taman Golf: Available in Adelaide for…AUD8. @_@
  6. Wan Tan Mee @ BB Park, Jalan Alor Mengkudu: could not help extending the list. Available in Adelaide for…AUD8. @_@

And my favourite eatery in Alor Setar is…Er Gu Cafe @ Badlishah, Jalan Pegawai featuring 冒烟/noodles in pepper soup,菜糕,and laksa! So many things I love about this place: reasonably-sized portions which allow you to eat multiple dishes, efficient service, and friendly boss who always says ‘明天有开'or ‘we’re open tomorrow’ when you leave. 🙂

Disclaimer: ‘Unavailable in Adelaide’ to the best of my knowledge. If you know of good versions of the dishes above, please alert me. Thank you!

ps: Restaurant owners in Adelaide, please take hints and expand your menus. Heh!