Handmade wedding invite! :) 

Miin wrote to me the other day saying she received lovely responses to the wedding invites we made for her so I decided to post a sample here 🙂

TIff (whom I’m moving in with next year) and I both love craft and we briefly spoke about having our own craftmaking business some day.

It will be a lovely hobby, but! I found out doing 100 handmade invites is really, really not easy without precise equipment! Hahaha…Miin very graciously accepted our humble efforts (although she was quite an indecisive and picky bride ;P). So thank you Miin for giving us this opportunity to get our itchy hands dirty…I’m definitely looking forward to the beautiful autumn wedding in March!

p/s: If you’re wondering why my pictures are fancier than usual, it’s because I just discovered the convenience of Windows Live Writer (slow again, I know; but now I know how to easily create watermarks and borders!)