Being in Puchong is such a blessing! Spending time with ee ee, seeing different people still serving God in different capacities, seeing different people progress and succeed (lose weight, start businesses, find gf/bf and get married!), and  enjoying a thick atmosphere of God’s presence in Eaglepoint’s services has been really refreshing. When you’re in a place like this you just can’t wait to see what God’s going to do next.

My stay here also coincides with the church’s annual fast at the beginning of each year, and this year, the theme is Agreement. I decided to fast and pray along in agreement to commit my 2011 to God. (:

The anchoring verse for the fast is Matt 18:19.

If two of you AGREE on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.

It’s about the church praying and believing in one direction, in one spirit; but first and foremost, it is actually about agreeing with the personal and kingdom will of God.

If you’re wondering how to fast and pray and what it means to agree with God’s will, first, you have to take time to ask God about His specific will for your life and listen so that you will know what to pray for and be in agreement with God!

A list that I wrote down after some time alone yesterday night:

Personal Life

Sorry, cannot reveal specifics! Basically it’s about inviting God to be involved in every aspect of my personal life: job ($$$!), travel, dreams, boyfriend, where to move to, breakthroughs, etc etc etc.

Family Life

For a greater presence of God in our family, for the assurance of God’s providence to shape the way we live as a family and the decisions we make.

Marketplace Life

Skill: Exodus 35:31-35 -  God filled those He called with his power and “gave skill, ability, and understanding for every kind of artistic work” and in v34 even the “ability to teach the craft to others’”. Wow! If God gave them such specific skills, surely He can give me what I need to be successful and effective.

Favour: 1 Chr 12:18 – When I read this story about how God’s spirit turned the hearts of a group of visitors to throw their weight behind David, I told God that’s exactly what I want Him to do for me! To grant me supernatural favour with people when necessary.

Ministry Life

I didn’t receive any direction on this. That’s why I still have 6 more days of fasting and prayer ; )


All in all, I’m glad I took some time off my freelance projects to come down here! If you have never fasted and prayed for your year ahead before, I strongly encourage you to do so…definitely more effective than new year’s resolutions. Hahah!