I’m at my uncle’s today and I spent the morning playing with my 2-year old cuz who calls herself ‘nana’. 🙂

We drew purple robots and yellow suns…and other objects I couldn’t quite decipher. Apparently painting is one of Joanna’s activities and she even has a special painting apron to keep herself clean! when she spilt paint on the floor, I was forbidden to wipe it for her and her mum made her do it herself. Good girl!

When I made myself a cup of cocoa, I brought her along to the kitchen and gave her a teeny little cup so we could share. I finished the drink first, and she asked me if I wanted more.

Just to play along, I opened my eyes wide and nodded…and she very sweetly gave me one teaspoon of cocoa from her teensy weensy little cup!

“Want some more?” she asked again.

Cute little cousin 🙂 She keeps thinking my camera and laptop are iPhones and keeps trying to tap on their screens. She seems a little surprised that it doesn’t work that way.