I was moved to tears by God’s presence at different times this week. I was assured of His provision, surprised by His love, and shown direction. But more than anything else, I was REMINDED.

God reminded me:

– I have given you a little gift of telling stories…stories that are powerful not simply because you can write tremendously well, but because you have a special anointing of telling genuine stories that can connect people to God. Don’t stop writing because you think your writing is not good enough or not sharp enough. Or because you’re afraid that people might think your writing is melodramatic. Or that you might write the wrong things. Your writing is a gift that has blessed many! In living life and doing other things, do not forget about this precious gift.

– I have put in you an inborn desire to maximise your life’s potential…to hit the mark when it comes to my plans and purposes. Don’t deny it or play it down because I am very pleased by that desire. Encourage and inspire others to do the same!

– I have given you a warm heart of compassion. Don’t get held back by always thinking that you are selfish, or that you are unable to translate that compassion into effective action. That wasn’t how I made you. I made you with a soft, kind heart and an intelligent mind; and that’s the Jasmine I smile down upon! You are that Jasmine.

– I preempt and know ALL, ALL, ALL your concerns and your needs and even your desires! I will never become stingy or grow tired of blessing you. I enjoy blessing you.

When God reminds you of things like that…you just know within your spirit because it resonates so strongly. And you can smile like a little girl. 🙂