Sometimes referring to the more relatable language of the Good News Bible offers fresh perspectives. You read about people who did what was pleasing to God reluctantly (exact word used! 2 Ch 25:2), and stories just somehow come to life a little bit more:

2Ch 25:6  In addition, he hired 100,000 soldiers from Israel at a cost of about four tons of silver.

2Ch 25:7 But a prophet went to the king and said to him, "Don’t take these Israelite soldiers with you. The LORD is not with these people from the Northern Kingdom.

2Ch 25:8 You may think that they will make you stronger in battle, but it is God who has the power to give victory or defeat, and he will let your enemies defeat you."

2Ch 25:9 Amaziah asked the prophet, "But what about all that silver I have already paid for them?" The prophet replied, "The LORD can give you back more than that!"

2Ch 25:10 So Amaziah sent the hired troops away and told them to go home. At this they went home, bitterly angry with the people of Judah.

I wonder how much four tons of silver, or more accurately, 100 talents of silver (NKJV) could buy in Amaziah’s day. The Expositor’s Bible Commentary mentions that Curtis in 1910 calculated the value as $187,500.

A lot of money to throw away. He let it go because obedience to God trumped every other logic. Can you trust God when He says He’ll give you more than that?