I have young friends in KL who are involved in politics. One of them actually goes to the DAP office regularly to teach politicians how to converse in Mandarin – because most uncles and aunties who come to complain only speak Mandarin!

During our conversations, it occured to me that I have not registered as a voter. GASPS.

But let’s backtrack a little: I had a very interesting conversation with my dad’s friend the other night about NOT registering. Guy believes in a passive protest: removing himself from the election process completely to ‘avoid giving this corrupt government legitimacy’. The alternative external revolutionary methods he proposed were also very classy, but well, let’s just say I don’t see it coming to pass in the next 5 years.

Back to voter registration. I realised I didn’t even know how to register as a voter in Alor Setar. (Do you?)

How bad is this! I looked it up online and finally found instructions here and that was after Chang Yang gave me a quicker response. (In the process i also came across a sorely outdated MCA site which still lists Ling Liong Sik as president.)

Anyway voter registration takes time (around 3 months), so you’d better get your butts moving and start registering as voters because this year might be an election year!

If you have not registered as a voter, please exercise your right and responsibility as a Malaysian citizen. Go to your nearest post office (with computer facilities) OR state election office to complete the registration process.