I am pleased to say that I registered as a voter today and it was as easy as ABC! 😀 Took me less than 5 minutes at the post office.

  • Show your IC
  • Wait for the computerized system to produce a form with your printed details

If you have moved away from your hometown and wish to change the address on your IC (so that you can vote conveniently), there’ll probably be more hassle involving renewing your IC. Before you do that, however, I suggest you take a look at the battlegrounds of the 13th General Election: marginal seats! Marginal seats are won by a very small margin, which means the power could swing either way. No matter who you support, you might want to consider going back to vote for a marginal seat if you happen to live in such electorates.

A small selection of BN marginal seats of less than 10%, sorted by parliament seat (ref: Socio-Economic & Environment Research Institute quoted in post comments here):

Parliament Seat Party Votes %
Alor Setar MCA 50.2
Arau UMNO 50.5
Bagan Datok UMNO 55.7
Gua Musang UMNO 59.3
Hulu Rajang PRS 59.8
Kampar MCA 53.6
Keningau PBS 57.3
Kluang MCA 53.6
Kubang Pasu UMNO 58.5
Miri SUPP 57.8
Muar UMNO 58.0
Padang Besar UMNO 59.3
Parit UMNO 56.6
Sandakan LDP 58.0
Sibu SUPP 53.4
Tambun UMNO 55.3
Tanjung Malim MCA 57.4

Many people think their vote will not make a difference. That’s not necessarily true.

If you happen to fall into any of these electorates, your vote will be very significant (even after you take into account questionable electorate boundaries). Everyone has a responsibility to vote, but YOU, more than ever, will hold the keys to the formation of a better government.

Your ability to make a good decision will come with deliberate effort to understand both the ruling and opposition parties, knowledge and analysis of the political scene, and really, just taking an interest in your future and your country’s future.

So start doing these things:

  • Watch. Read. Listen. Discuss. ASK when you don’t know.
  • Register!
  • If you are between 20-25, you’ll have lots of friends who should also start registering as voters. Don’t hesitate to spread the word! Hey, I didn’t even know how to register. See how much we’re lacking in political awareness?
  • Lend your support to initiatives like http://www.voiceyourchoice.org/! They equip young people like you to open voting registration booths. Fantabulous.