So I finally heard about the plan to hire foreign English teachers in Malaysian schools today. I keep telling myself to be more updated…it’s just not easy when you’re kept busy writing about motorcycle saddlebags, shelling gingko nuts, reading books and just doing life with different people!

Well, it seems the MBMMBI plan is well underway. Not sure what I think about it yet – still angry at the abrupt change, I think – but in the following exchange, my beloved grandpa beautifully captured the predicament of foreign teachers in areas where English teachers are needed most:

Grandma: I met two ladies today, one named Laurie, one named Brindian. I went to help them with their accommodation.

Jasmine: Which schools are they teaching at?

Grandma: One at xxx, another at xxx.

Grandpa (earnestly, in Hokkien): ee mia Lorry ah?

Her name is Lorry ah?

Just imagine! A whole class of kampung children bursting into innocent laughter and making driving sounds when the puzzled teacher introduces herself…Good moring, my name is Laurie!

You will find this funny if you know enough children who don’t speak English at home. 🙂

And what was my grandma doing there, you might ask? The teachers had problems understanding the Mat Salleh’s accent, and the foreigners spoke no other language other than their heavily accented English. Hmm.

p/s: 7.94 million Malaysians voted in the 12th General Election. 4.08 mil voted the government into power on behalf of a 27 mil population. That’s 15.1%. If you haven’t registered, do it by tomorrow. Don’t let the 15.1% decide your fate.