Kel asked me to do a last minute write up about my Birthday Wish for his Change Your World newsletter, so here’s the story for you as well:

Every year, each of us has one sure chance to be put under the spotlight – on our birthdays.

Although I’ve never been a fan of parties, I threw some sort of a strange celebration at Mc Donald’s on my 20th to celebrate a new chapter of my life. I stood up and shared with the whole Mc Donald’s how God had turned my life around that year. I shared honest stuff that would be difficult to talk about on normal days, and I realized birthdays are the easiest occasions to get people to listen to us!

It’s up to us whether to make it all about ourselves, or all about others.

This year, I came across Birthday Wishes on after following a series of links from Zach Hunter’s blog. What a brilliant initiative and a powerful tool to harness special moments in life to raise money for a good cause. I looked through the list of causes and projects and chose a cause that was personal to me – Room to Read. I quickly set up my own wish page to give 300 children in India access to their very first library filled with colorful books.

Within a few hours, I had already raised $200 just sitting at my computer. In an interconnected world, I think it’s incredible that my birthday can become a celebration for 300 kids. An amazing party of hope, change, and a better future for them.

For the personal story behind my birthday wish and to donate, go to!

Before I sign off…let’s revisit this: 7.94 million Malaysians voted in the 12th General Election. 4.08 mil voted the government into power on behalf of a 27 mil population. That’s 15.1%! If you haven’t registered, do it by tomorrow. Don’t let the 15.1% decide your fate.