See the two signs? Now see that man in the floral shirt?

He lost it after patiently queueing for flood aid in the long queue on the left for T-U…and was told to queue again on the U-V-W right instead! Reporters were having a field day filming his outburst I tell you.

That’s what happens when you have no differentiation whatsoever between the two lines, inexperienced officers, and poor, poor planning. (On hindsight I should’ve spoken to the officers and suggested they modify their signs…goodness knows how long before the confusion will be rectified.)

I was there because my parents read this in the news. We already expected bedlam – the absence of an announcement letter did not bid well, and people queued for hours in the last aid distribution. My dad thought RM500 wasn’t worth all the trouble.

But we went. I had just crashed into a Land Rover while rushing my grandparents off to the train station yesterday Sad smile, and well, my mum said the RM500 would pay for my compound. [I’ll tell you more about the dramatic story if you see me…the story starts with two packets of tom yam…and is still continuing with my 4th trip to the police station tomorrow. Sigh.]

IMG_0519 IMG_0513

Left: Admin officers giving money to an old man as army officer looks on

Right: The shortest queue in the crowd: surnames X-Y-Z. Hooray for us.

We were in a hurry or I would’ve spent more time there. What fun.

IMG_0120[1] IMG_0122[1]

IMG_0474[1] IMG_0521[1]

Clockwise from top left:

Our flooded house;

Flooded room (Top flood tip: See the table? Use BEER CARTONS to lift your furniture, they’ve more height compared to bricks. Can be bought at supermarkets for around 20 bucks, completely worth it. DO NOT use overturned pots that will eventually float and topple!);

Post and pre-renovation of our garden into carpark…our plants died in the flood and we need more parking space. Tiling design by dad and drawn by Jasmine. It’s just cement criss-crossed with red tiles. Can you spot the pitcher plant?