To my lovely readers who’ve been subscribing to feeds all these years, and to those who haven’t discovered the twitter bar on the right, did you know I’m on Twitter?. It occured to me that you might not! 🙂 It did not matter for a long time, because I was a half-hearted Tweeter.

Until I hopped on TweetDeck a month ago.

Talking in 140 words just became a whole lot more fun and flexible! The clever management options on TweetDeck also achieve this very important purpose: giving me everything I want quickly and systematically, and filtering out what I don’t want – such as reply tweets I do not understand – effectively. My deck does not congest that easily anymore.

TweetDeck is an excellent way to manage your social networks (yes, plural, including Facebook). Some prefer Yoono so you can check out both. Great comparison offered here. TweetDeck just got me sold first and it’s good for me right now.

Well! I’m loving those jellybean-sized Tweets. After years of half-heartedness I can now recommend Twitter as an important and useful tool instead of just another social time-waster. I’m still not optimizing it yet with such few connections but I am slowly going to build it.

If you’d like short updates from me, go on Twitter and follow me on

(And if my updates become irrelevant to you, guess what? Stash me in a list. Managing multiple lists at once is the beauty Tweetdeck gives Twitter.)