The High Commission of Malaysia has announced voter registration details on their website.

For full time students in Australia, here’s what you need to do:

To register, you need to:

(a) Write a letter of request for the Form A and addressed to the High Commission of Malaysia in Canberra. Please include one (1) self-addressed envelope with a 55c stamp affixed for the form to be mailed to you. The address of the High Commission of Malaysia is:

The High Commission of Malaysia
Consular Section
7 Perth Avenue
Yarralumla, ACT 2600

(b) The completed application form needs to be returned to the High Commission, along with one self addressed envelope with a 55c stamp affixed, for the copy of the form to be returned to you.

(c) Keep the copy of the registration form as proof of registration. It can be used as evidence of your registration in the event that your name does not appear in the draft of the Supplementary Roll, in which case you can submit a claim.

What a process. I believe it can be easily made much more accessible and I’ve put in a request to the High Commission to put the forms online. If you’re interested to read details of my exchange with Mr Hassan Salleh of the SA Consulate, download this file: Email to Honorary Consul in South Australia. I would have written something more eloquent to persuade them if I had the time…so everyone, please write in to pester them for a more efficient registration process as well. Please spread the word to other Malaysians. Pressure helps.

Ern Sheong also suggested scanning the form and putting it online myself – I might do that once I get my form (I’m going to do send my letter by this week).

To those of you who are convinced your vote will not make a difference – I actually agree – it might not, numerically speaking. And postal votes – who knows what happens to them.

BUT what will make a difference is the awareness and momentum it will create when you step up to say YES I CARE.