I’m doing radio at Radio Adelaide this sem. We’re gonna be producing breakfast news which means 6am – 10am shifts everyday for a couple weeks. Went for a beer with my team members and I am liking them.

We did the studio introduction today – control panels and stuff. It was sweet that over the past year I actually gained a much better idea of how sound works through the most unexpected channel: volunteering on the mixer desk at church! It’s just so much clearer in my head now: how the wires flow, how sound travels through the different inputs and outputs, difference between gain and volume etc etc etc. I’m also getting better at synching the band’s sound, and at setting up the stage with instruments and speakers…although KJ sometimes still warns me not to ‘create more work’ instead! 😀 We do Sunday 8am set-ups week in week out because we don’t have a permanent place!

I’ve never been into technical stuff. Just zero interest. When Ben found out I was a musician and asked me to help out with the mixing last year, I was reluctant. But I saw a need and did it anyway.

155620_485150949029_741214029_5827207_2007872_nThat’s Paul, the mixer guy who trained me up. 🙂 It isn’t too complicated – you just need someone who can explain lucidly. Thank you Joswig!

My mixer experience led to something more – a $400 Pro Tools training course half sponsored by my lovely cousin in Sydney! I visited last June, and we were at a gig when she pointed at the mixer and asked if I knew how the different controls worked. When I said yes, she agreed to invest in me. 😀 She was organizing some audio/video courses at UTS then, and I ended up doing Pro Tools 101 with Brent Heber. It was me with zero sound editing background in a class of some 10 other media blokes – some older ones, forced to come back and pick up new technology, and some younger ones wanting to get certified. Heh.

It was good – Brent’s an excellent teacher. And with my music background it was very easy to understand MIDI. It’s just unfortunate I won’t be using Pro Tools for a long while and I might just forget everything I learnt. It’s the reason why my father disapproved of me splashing $200 on a course I do not need, but I wanted to make my hols count. Well, it’s always better to have a skill then not to have it! Skill sets are so much more valuable than wealth. It allows the Small Things effect to kick off.

Today, I have gone from someone who usually stands helplessly with a bunch of wires shouting “where does this go where does that go” when the rest of the band rushes to set up, to someone who can contribute! And someone who is miraculously now interested in sound. Who would have thought.

So, never underestimate the small things you do! Be willing to give your time even when you don’t see the benefits -a selfish lifestyle will make you lose out in the end. I have so many ‘small things’ stories…so watch out for Part II. And watch Steve Job’s commencement address, Connecting The Dots, the most powerful ‘small things’ story today, judging by how that man has turned the way we connect upside down!