1. Don’t despise your small offerings.

I consider dancing one of my broken dreams. :’)

Just look at me: my turnout’s gone, my legs barely lift above 45 degrees, I’m fat, I can’t do a whole of things anymore. And also, I don’t have the luxury of time – I was invited to join a Fringe lyrical dance production and I was so tempted to change my flights and come back early to Adelaide for that, but in the end I chose to spend Chinese New Year at home.

Of course at a very low level my dancing is still acceptable but you know, as you get exposed to more things, and as your audience immerses themselves in the LXD (Still haven’t got to see the episodes. Gah!) and SYTYCD, your standard just isn’t gonna cut it anymore.

So I have two choices. Retreat and stop offering what I have, or keep giving while being painfully aware of my inadequacies. As you can see I didn’t speak very well either – sharing about personal stuff can be awkward, but you know what, that night many were touched. I know God was pleased. It was a sincere, precious offering that I gave, from my heart. And God uses our five loaves and two fishes. Always.

I’ve seen inadequate people do powerful things. My uncle Pastor Timothy speaks Timglish instead of proper English, but somehow, he still manages to be a clear, excellent communicator. Not just ‘manages’, in fact, he delivers above and beyond. You just know there’s something different about these people – you don’t need to be very sharp to notice they’re not the most skilful people, but somehow, they have God’s special favour and anointing.

2. Don’t despise ‘lowly’ tasks. You’re never too great to do them.

Ah then there’s Pastor28112010426 Brendan. Brendan is a scientific logical guy. A physicist from Monash who works at the Department of Defense. One day he sat me down and went through the church attendance list with me as we were looking to keep track of our visitors more effectively. I was stunned that he took 2 hours to personally call up some 100 names (see pic!) to invite them for Christmas…people who drop in and out over the years and who Brendan clearly cares about. And I’ve also heard the famous story of Brendan picking up every cigarette butt in our rented hall after church, week in week out. When I see an ‘important’ person who knows the value of small things, I am impressed. Oh you bet. I know this is someone whose leadership I can submit to.

3. Don’t despise humble beginnings.

I have a singer-songwriter friend called Charis Chua. Malaysian and rooted in Adl/Brisbane for 7 years, Charis took a huge leap away from where she was to venture into an entire new world in Taiwan. I know it is absolutely terrifying to do something new like that – where it’s a new language, you have no fixed job, you’re just grasping at straws sometimes. I’m sure Charis wouldn’t mind me saying she doesn’t have the best voice in the world – but I KNOW Charis is going to go far. I just know. Because following her journey all this while I believe she has been walking right. We are not very close, but I make every effort to watch her progress. Keep updated on what she’s doing. I gave my 2 cents in writing/translating her official biodata. I pray for her. I totally believe in her five loaves and two fishes. 🙂 Check out her (under construction) website here. She’s cutting a few new EPs soon I believe.

What small things do you have? Are you gonna offer it to the world? Don’t become like the the man in the bible with one talent. instead of investing, he buried it in the ground, and in the end, his master took it away.