PC: Lifelong leader, aunty, sister, friendThoughts I scribbled in my increasingly dog-earred pink notebook while day-dreaming. This is a place I wanna get to in submission and leadership:

1. I choose who I call ‘leader’ carefully after watching their lives.

2. I trust my leaders implicitly.

3. I trust the  other leaders they place over me.

4. I trust my leaders to raise me up at the right time – to be patient when they say no, to be bold and willing when they say yes. I know they are answerable to God for their decisions, and I know they have my best interests at heart when they make these decisions.

5. I trust them to help discern my life calling. We bounce our thoughts back and forth.

6. I am bold and honest enough to voice my mind when I am dissatisfied or when I disagree — and then I am humble enough to receive correction or simply submit to their final say even if I still don’t agree.

7. I throw my entire weight behind my leaders and support them in every possible way in their leadership direction.

8. I trust them to give constructive criticism and painful correction.

9. I work towards being as transparent with my leaders as possible. I communicate honestly with them – including when I get offended that they don’t have enough time for me. I develop a trust that they SINCERELY love me – leaders are just busy people!

10. I support my leaders with prayer covering.

11. I use my strengths to cover my leaders’ flaws to make US as a team, more effective than ever.


The above pic is PC and me during my 20th birthday. 🙂 To all my leaders, THANK YOU for providing leadership in my life. Thank you for being willing to take up the call.