I’ve been back three weeks, but I’ve just lost all sense of time. There’s been a timeless quality to my everyday life in the rush; a paradox, if you wish, time being encapsulated in pockets of hurried activity and precious non-activity.

I don’t know if what I’m doing is sustainable. I’m hoping hard it will be, because I am enjoying it so much. All this new enthusiasm and good living has just never been very sustainable in the past. I fizzle out mid-sem. I hope I’ve just grown enough to manage better and smarter now.

It’s a wonderful feeling: falling into my bed and hugging my bear to sleep at the end of every long day, knowing I’ve given my all.

I’ve been waking up on the hour as early as 7am to plug into Radio Adelaide to hear my mates on the radio and give them some feedback. My turn’s in a week’s time. I’m deliberately surrounding myself with more news, more TV. Learning how to consume fast and also selectively is important…knowing what I can afford to pretend to know…and what I must absolutely know. There is no time to know everything.

Learning to plan my meals cheaper, healthier, quicker, smarter.

Planting a time in my schedule for Capoeira once a week and hoping badly that it will work out. My last weekend was simply horrible – I could hardly walk, I fell sick, and I had so much to do. But this strange martial-arts dance has captured me in 2 sessions. Check out the instructor.

Finding a new normal with new housemates from Sudan and the US, and appreciating old comforts of grocery shopping and short conversations with Joko and Dianne.

Finding enough time to be alone and enjoy God’s presence. Trying to get as much as possible from His word.

Stealing time to just get inspired by different music, pictures and ideas on Etsy and Frankie, and dance choreography. Cultivating the discipline of nurturing creativity.

Loving people. Spending time relating at their level, talking about their interests, remembering them in prayers, and enjoying them as equals. For too long I have loved downwards…which is just an epic fail at loving.

Masterminding Miin’s wedding dance choreography and partnering everyone together…shopping for gymnastic ribbons and pretty dresses…

Stepping up technologically to be more Google-savvy, using a bit more of my Gmail functions to manage CCM, train people, sort through Big Scary lists, improve in sound mixing…

I am loving all the opportunities I get to learn, love, and grow…and GIVE. Oh I hope the timeless rush doesn’t end. It feels so good to just know God’s smiling down on you at the end of the day.