DSCN0252Strength is knowing when to shine, and when to step back so others can shine.

It is the confidence that you will never ever be "too bright", "too strong"; but also the security that no one will snuff out your light even when you let them outshine you.

Strength is having tunnel vision in being who you are, knowing your life’s call, and being steadfast.

Strength is never harsh. It is controlled grace.


Strength is the ability to receive and shoulder hurt, and yet not turn hurtful.

It is the capacity to be vulnerable and open, to admit faults, and to forgive.

Strength recognizes its weaknesses.

Strength is Love.

There is no greater strength than Love.

A Strength that is Strong does not come from a place of need. It does not hope to receive admiration, appreciation, acceptance, or affirmation in return. Those strengths often crumble. They do not stand the test of time.

Real strength is found in vessels that consistently draw from the Unlimited Source of Strength. It is always plentiful.