imperfectionIn a world where bots are taking over the most exclusive of human functions, typos are an anchor to what’s still real.

I simply love it when I receive a perfectly worded email with a single typo. It gives me room to wonder.

Why the mistake? Could there be something behind it, like a Freudian slip? Was he half-awake when he wrote the email? What was he doing at 3.12am when he sent the email? Who was he dreaming of?

Was he drinking hot coffee? Maybe he spilt coffee on his shirt, let out an expletive, and hit the wrong key on the keyboard…? Is that how ‘meeting’ turned into ‘meteing’?

And why does she prefer gray to grey? Is this a person who loves ‘a’s and hates ‘e’s?

And yet, SEO copywriters are beginning to encroach upon my love of imperfection and steal it away from me with intentional misspellings.

I can almost see the day I lose my love for little typos. In fact, they become the bane of my existence every time I do a non-SEO writing assignment.