All has been silent on the Postal Voting front after I sent out my application letter as per the Consulate’s instructions a month ago.

But thanks to my awesome friend Jonathan Lin Ern Sheong who helps run 1M Young Malaysians Vote in 2011/2012/2013 General Election on Facebook, I have now found Form A online. Hmm now why could the government not have made this link more easily accessible earlier?

All who qualify (read: full time overseas Malaysian students above 21), please download Form A to register for Postal Voting here and post it back to the High Commission in Canberra.

A call to ALL Malaysians:

7.94 million Malaysians voted in the 12th General Election. 4.08 mil voted the government into power on behalf of a 27 mil population. That’s only 15.1%! If you haven’t registered, do it by tomorrow. Don’t let 15.1% decide your fate.