Happy Birthday, Papa

This is a world where lil girls get hurled
Into tough lives taunting Princess there’s no time for you to twirl
This is a world where it’s become so preciously rare
To grow up in a home where you can call Papa your World.

When I see girls who know they’re absolutely beautiful
Period. Full-stop. No matter how ugly they look
It makes my heart ache with sweet longing
For myself, and for others,
Some who have no capacity of knowing what’s missing.

See Papa you are not expressive,
I’m often left guessing,
Are you proud of me as your daughter?
Or am I a let-down, disappointment, and failure?

But I wanted to tell and thank you Papa
Coz the most important thing of fatherhood
You did right for me:
I was always, always sure of your unwavering love.

I grew up never doubting that Love is Strong.
Love holds out in pain, like the true Father’s heart.
Because of your example, Papa,
I am able to trust
There is a Strong God out there who gives me
What you cannot in this imperfect world.
I look at lives out there so damaged they simply cannot trust
And I cry in relief and thankfulness that I can, I can.

For everything else you gave me, Papa,
The sweat and blood and sometimes lonely burden you carry
Thank you so much for being so, so strong
For me, Eugene, J-Anne, and others in your family.

The polaroid moments captured with rare affirmation
Amidst your everyday comments that brush away my idealism
These words touch raw places in my heart
They are the ones I hold most dear.

When you told me you were proud of me
You believed in me
You saw how I overcame my challenges
And that I will go far because I am strong enough to take humiliation
They make me cry when I think of them:
Tears that carry special meaning that
Words are too empty and too weak to carry.

I know I am here on earth to do Jesus’ bidding,
I’m 22 now, no longer your tiny little seedling.
I pray you’ll release me to make His choices in the next few years
And give me all the blessings you’ve got – an earthly father’s precious blessing.

Happy 50th Birthday. Thank you for looooooving me.