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Amidst the beauty in my backyard, a forlorn roadside flower spoke to me today.

See how I make flowers grow in the most unlikely places. That’s how generously I lavish my beauty on planet earth, He said.

I make the roadside flowers grow regardless of how many times you guys overlook their beauty, and regardless of how many times they get trampled on. I delight in making them grow and grow and grow.

I even make the wildflowers grow on mountaintops you will NEVER have the chance of traversing in your lifetime. I don’t care, I make them GROW! That’s how extragavant I am in my creation. Oh what would it be like for you to grasp the breadth of my love…and the intensity of my grandeur and generosity.

Your mountaineers have caught glimpses of me. Just ask them  – Dervla Murphy who crisscrossed the Baltistan Karakoram in deep winter with her five-year–old daughter had this to say:

None of the adjectives usually applied to mountain scenery is adequate here – indeed, the very word ‘scenery’ is comically inappropriate. ‘Splendour’ or ‘grandeur’ are useless to give a feeling of this tremendous ravine that twists narrow and dark and bleak and deep for mile after mile…

I am a great and glorious and generous God.